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Did you know that AD EM PROducties offers shorter (follow-up) sessions in addition to the usual coaching and training sessions on media, presentation and communication during one day? Usually with a smaller technical set-up.
We would be happy to inform you also about more extensive sessions of two days and about other sessions focusing on more specific subjects.
We provide these last sessions one on one or in small groups at variable costs, sometimes at an hourly rate.

Some examples:

■ We offer you also coaching sessions on two consecutive days
Day one focuses more on media coaching.
The second day is all about presenting and presentation technics. Besides there’s time for personal issues and personal coaching.
These two consecutive coaching days are also suitable team building instruments for small groups.

Follow-Up Media and Presentation Coaching Sessions.
These take one morning or afternoon, or a whole day, with a reduced technical outfit.  We bring a crew of two (instead of the usual three), consisting of a coach and a producer / cameraman / engineer.

Preparatory Training for Media Appearances.
Appearances in talk shows, news and current affairs programs require sound content-specific and organisational preparation. The same, of course, goes for interviews in documentaries or consumer programs. Radio interviews or interviews in the printed media obviously call for a different type of approach and preparation.
If necessary, we can do realistic simulations of interviews, on or off camera and / or audio equipment, by telephone, Skype or FaceTime.

Preparatory Training for Presentations.
Many CEO’s, but also professors, teachers, (sales) managers and project leaders regularly give presentations. For their customers, staff, managing or supervisory directors. In our training sessions we also look critically at the contents of the message, as well as at the way in which the message is conveyed.

The flexible use of PowerPoint, adequate responses to the audience, the position while presenting (walking, sitting, standing), clothing and other aspects are also considered.
In many cases we will do realistic exercises, using camera and / or audio equipment. Just before the actual presentation we can rehearse your speech or paper one more time by telephone, Skype or FaceTime.

Preparatory Training for (Major) Press Conferences.
Although as a rule press conferences are thoroughly prepared, the way in which they proceed sometimes is not. We will rehearse the content-specific, organisational and technical details of the press conference, as well as the Q&A afterwards.
If necessary, we can do realistic simulations of the expected interviews, on or off camera and / or audio equipment. We can also help you draft answers to possible questions.

Series of Personal Coaching Sessions.
An ICF-certified coach, Ad M. Everaars likes to help people who wish to advance in their chosen profession, enhance their performance and grow professionally as well as personally. We usually schedule six sessions of 90 to 120 minutes each, over a period of six, twelve or eighteen weeks, depending on the client’s wishes and the urgency. The first two sessions as well as the last one are done face to face. The other sessions are given by telephone, Skype or FaceTime.

Crisis Response Training.
Once a crisis arises it is too late to start training or seek advice. We can help you prepare for potential crises and credibly manage crises. For instance by practising, making scenarios and drafting suitable messages. If necessary we will do realistic simulations of the expected interviews or press conferences on camera and / or with audio equipment.

Training of and for Spokespersons, Communication Advisors and PA’s.
In our training and coaching we like to work together with people who are responsible for communication and HR. One of the reasons we do so is we feel it is important for organisations to understand and embed knowledge and input. We are convinced that communication advisors and spokespersons will perform better if they are good at coaching. We offer tailor-made training courses for this purpose. If necessary we will do realistic simulations on camera and / or with audio equipment.

Let us be your guide, sparring partner and advisor.
If you wish we can advise you, by telephone or in person, on how to handle the media, on presentations and more generic communications. Also in case of emergencies, in the evenings or at weekends.

Autocue / Teleprompter Training. In some situations you might want to use a so-called autocue or teleprompter. The text of your speech or presentation is (usually) shown on two screens. You can read your text from the screen, as if you have memorised your text or speak spontaneously.
Most people find this method harder than they had expected and need to practise. If necessary we do realistic simulations on camera and / or with audio equipment.

Webcast Training.
Companies and organisations increasingly use webcasts to inform their staff (anywhere in the world) and / or customers or stakeholders (simultaneously). It is advisable to rehearse this type of messaging as well. We would like to help you, in particular by preparing and rehearsing the message or interview with you in a realistic setting.

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