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AD EM PROducties regularly organizes and provides media and presentation coaching sessions. The sessions are given by Ad M. Everaars, former spokesperson and Communication Manager for several (broadcasting) organizations such as NCRV, AVRO, RTL4 and RTL5. Widely experienced, AD EM PROducties’ coaches uses extensive visual support provided by a cameraman and projection.

In the media and presentation coaching sessions the coach, besides the usual topics, focuses on avoiding the use of so-called negative words that interviewers like to put in your mouth. Another point of attention is the use of your body in the communication with and through journalists. In our coaching sessions, we further offer ten ideas or focal points that form a solid foundation for dealing with the media, with yourself, during presentations and for communication in general.

As a rule media and presentation coaching sessions of AD EM PROductions take two four-hour sessions in one day. We prefer not to teach a few tricks in a short time. Clients are approached individually; in the long term the planting of a few seeds yields the best crop. The groups usually consist of four/five participants maximum, also depending on the length of a session. The coaches finds it important that everyone gets a turn and can practice, can accumulate flying hours, so to speak.

Participants in AD EM PROducties’ regular coaching sessions receive a summary of the various modules. In addition, every participant receives a questionnaire before the session, that the coaches use to prepare for the session; if necessary, a brief prior evaluation interview will be held by telephone.

Participants as well as coaches are of course under a duty of confidentiality.

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