In your interest, we consider confidentiality and privacy of the utmost importance.

This is why we only give out general information about our clients.
Among our clients are governments, politicians, national and international businesses, educational organizations, trade, industry, (international) sports federations, sportsmen and sportswomen, presenters, hosts and anchors.
Our coaches are fluent in Dutch, German and English.


Manager international UK-company
Your training and delivery were excellent. It has really helped me understand what has caused me to be anxious about public speaking. I already feel more confident and eager to keep practising. I’m excited about future opportunities.

Manager in sports
A short note to say thank you again for the training yesterday. I appreciated your flexibility, especially to fit me in after a busy day of training, and your support. I know it must have been a long day for you and your team. I really enjoyed the session and have some clear things to work on (which is a position I always like to be in).

Manager International Company
Thanks!  I truly appreciated the interaction.  I can tell you that I took 5 mins for a breathing exercise this morning and have been working consciously on it throughout the day.  Looking forward to my first presentation to practice my new skills.

Manager International Company
Thank you! The photos I received do indeed raise the memory of a very good experience. It is remarkable how much I feel I learned during that one day. I will  try to be diligent about the practice tasks that have been sent. I do look forward to the next time.

International client:
Presentation went very well. Actually it was obviously quite a hit. Many people said it was the best presentation. Others said I touched their soul and motivated them for their daily work. My CEO was very happy and congratulated me.
Thanks a lot for the prep work. That was very helpful!
I am sure I will pick you again one day for some prep work!

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